About The Studio for Dance

“Celebrating Our 39th Year of Excellence”



The Studio for Dance has been providing quality dance lessons in the Cincinnati area for the past 38 years. Commitment, compassion, camaraderie, charisma, and grace are the true characteristics taught at The Studio. Some of The Studio’s dancers have continued to study dance on the college level and have entered into professional careers, and all of our dancers have left with more poise, self-confidence, and a greater appreciation for the arts.

The Studio has a wonderful preschool and kindergarten program for children who are just beginning to experience the wonders of dance. This program leads to both our recreational program and our award-winning competition/performing company program as the dancer develops.


At The Studio for Dance we:

  • provide a a safe and supportive learning environment for the beginning, intermediate, advanced and pre-professional dancer.
  • provide performance opportunities to dancers of all ages and all levels.
  • allow the individual artistic development of each individual dancer.
  • provide personalized instruction.
  • have exciting, energetic instructors who recognize the importance of celebrating the talents of all dancers.
  • create a family-like supportive atmosphere among our dancers, families, and staff.
  • build strong relationships that are enthusiastically maintained with our alumni for many years.
  • instill a life-lasting appreciation for the performing arts.


The Studio for Dance has been a home to thousands of dancers over the years.  The class and performance work, camaraderie, supportive staff, and family atmosphere have led many of The Studio’s alumni into university dance programs and professional, working dance careers.

In addition to the many professional dancers graduating from The Studio, four dancers have won the Cincinnati Arts Association prestigious Overture Award Scholarships for dance!

Those dancers who do not wish to pursue a professional career in dance, graduate from The Studio with grace, coordination, confidence and an appreciation for the performing arts. The Studio For Dance is excited to continue with the standard of excellence that has been a part of this family for over thirty-eight years.