Tuition is due the FIRST of the month. There will be a LATE CHARGE of $5 per family for any amount not paid by the 10th of each month. The monthly rate will remain the same no matter how many weeks are in the month. Your monthly fee will be the same amount each month throughout the school year. Tuition is due EACH month. No refund or credit will be given on tuition. There will be no deduction for lessons missed, regardless of reason for absences. There will be a $30 charge on all returned checks. This extra charge will be added to your account. ***With a special circumstance that requires you to pay per class (ex: fall soccer) the “per class” fee fill be $22/hr.

Make-Up Classes

Although it is always best to attend your regularly scheduled class, The Studio has make-up classes available for most age groups. Please ask your instructor for an appropriate class.

Snow Days

When there is inclement weather, you may call The Studio and the machine will give you a message as to the status of classes. We will also try to reach students if a class must be canceled. Tuition is not refunded. Students may schedule a make-up class with their instructor.

Required Class Attire

Leotard and tights are required for all classes except clogging. For clogging, wear snug-fitting t-shirts and shorts.

Appropriate Shoes:

  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Black slip-on jazz shoes
  • White tap shoes for students through 1st grade
  • Black oxford tap shoes for 2nd graders and up
  • Black oxford shoes with jingle taps for clogging

Hair must be worn up and off the neck.
No dangling or loose-fitting jewelry is allowed.
No gum, food, or drink is permitted inside the dance studio.

Selection for The Studio’s Performing Company

The Studio students are continually observed throughout the year. The Studio’s Performing Company dancers are selected from those children who demonstrate ability and potential in all dance forms. Children who display an enthusiastic and positive attitude and demonstrate their ability to cooperate with instructors and fellow dancers are those chosen for consideration.


An annual 2-day recital will be held in May. Each performance will last approximately 2 ½ hours for your enjoyment. All students are encouraged to participate in as many dances as classes taken AND in all performances. A recital is an important culmination of months of training and every dancer needs the excitement and pride of having a moment in the spotlight. This is also an opportunity for The Studio’s Performing Company to entertain you.

Dress Rehearsal

Attendance at the Dress Rehearsal is mandatory. Students must be present for ALL of their dances for this rehearsal. If students choose to leave dress rehearsal before their number is performed, they will not be permitted to participate in that number during the recital performances. Since the Finale is practiced first, children will be excused after their last dance unless requested to remain longer by the director.

Dressing Rooms

Parents are assigned to each class and are responsible for dressing the children and maintaining proper behavior between their numbers. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to work in the dressing rooms for at least one performance. ONLY DANCERS AND DESIGNATED WORKERS will be permitted in the dressing rooms. This is necessary to ensure an organized and safe environment for YOUR children during the program.


Each recital costume will cost between $55 and $100. A non-refundable deposit of $55 PER COSTUME is due in December. No costume will be ordered unless the deposit is paid. The costume balance is due with the March tuition payment. If it is not paid by March 10, an additional late fee of $5 will be incurred. No one is REQUIRED to dance in the Recital. If you do not wish for your child to participate in ALL of his/her dances, please notify the instructor BEFORE December 1.