Studio Safety Measures

Facial Coverings

With the nature of dance and choreography children move around quite a bit, so being abundantly cautious, we will be wearing masks while dancing. This will better accommodate the times that choreography doesn’t allow for proper social distancing. Dancers will have designated areas where they will sit socially distanced to take a break, remove the mask, and drink water.

Studio Capacity Limits

There is a limit of 18 dancers per room to allow for social distancing. Additionally, no parents or guests will be permitted inside. Weather permitting, some classes may be held outside.


All students must have a signed waiver form before participating in any in-person classes. Student drop-off will be in front at the main doors. Temperatures will be taken before students are allowed to enter. Kids will be reminded to social distance at all times. Air hugs, not real hugs! Teachers and/or receptionists will meet the classes at the front doors to let students in. No students will enter the studio before their class time. Children will walk directly into the dance room and place their dance bags against the mirror.

Attire/Additional Items

Children should be dressed (in appropriate dance clothes) and hair pulled back before entering The Studio so there is no congregating in the dressing room. The dressing room will be closed during this Covid time.