The Studio for Dance Covid Provisions

* The Studio will leave it up to each individual family as to whether they would like their dancer to be masked while in The Studio. The staff will make no judgment about children who do or do not choose to wear masks.

* With the fact that Covid and all of its variants are still so contagious and Hamilton County is at a high level of transmission, The Studio will try to lower the exposure risk by continuing to allow only the dancers inside the buiding. As of now, The Studio is going to request that parents only come inside to make payments. Students should be dropped off and picked up as they have been over the past two years.

* The drinking fountains at The Studio have been closed. Please be sure your dancer brings a water bottle or two with them to class. They may either refill their water bottle at our water bottle station or purchase a water bottle from our refrigerator for $1.00.

* Children should be dressed in appropriate dance clothes and hair pulled back before coming into The Studio.

* All students must have a signed Covid-Waiver Form before participating in classes. If you have not yet signed a waiver, you may do so at the front desk.

*If The Studio gets shut down for any reason, our plan is to immediately go to zoom classes. We will follow our regular schedule and continue our dance classes.

*The COVID pandemic continues to be a fluid situation. We will update our policy as needed.